Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd was founded in 1917 in Yokohama, Japan. The company manufactures many rubber based products, although premium tyres remain their biggest seller. As with many Japanese manufacturers, Yokohama lead the way in technology and innovation and produce tyres for high-performance vehicles, light trucks and vans, passenger cars, commercial trucks, buses, mining and construction machinery.

In 1969 the Yokohama Tire Corporation was founded in Los Angeles to sell tyres in the northern american markets. Ever since the company has been a key player in American and global motorsport, winning many accolades along the way.

Throughout the later years of the 20th century there was extensive globalisation of the business, joining many markets around the world.

Yokohama have a very healthy healthy eye on the planet with admirable 'green' credentials that has brought them several global eco awards including 'Environmental Achievement of the Year' at the Tire Technology International 2011 Awards.

Impressively since 2006, all of Yokohama's domestic factories have 'zero emissions' in that 100% of the by-products during the production of tyres are recycled in some way to prevent anything going to landfill or incineration. A remarkable dedication to the belief that tyre manufacture should have minimumal impact on the environment. Amongst other initiatives, Yokohama have a massive tree-planting schedule and have pioneered the use of orange oil from citrus peel in tyres to avoid relying on petroleum based ingredients.

So at, we believe that if you really care about your planet, you should see if Yokohama make a tyre to fit your vehicle.


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