In 1872 a young engineer Giovanni Battista Pirelli, founded Pirelli & C. in Milan. The first production of rubber articles was up and running one year later.

The process began from insulated telegraph cable (1879) to underwater telegraph cable (1886) to the first bicycle tyres (1890). The first automobile tyre came in 1901. Pirelli began its first sporting victories and building plants abroad: in Spain, Great Britain and Argentina.

Pirelli expanded, through the '60s and '70s, acquiring the German tyre manufacturer Veith. In the mid '70s Pirelli invented the low profile tyre, the famous P7, one of the most important inventions in the industry.

During the 1980s Pirelli acquired the German motorcycle tyre maker Metzeler.

After a company-wide restructuring in 1992-93, Pirelli implemented an international relaunch, and in 1994 presented the Pirelli P Zero ultra-low profile tread, used for the most prestigious tyre models.

The new millennium saw yet another revolution in the tyre sector: The MIRSTM production system, introduced in 2000, for the automated fabrication of high-performance tyres.

Factories have been built worldwide in; Germany, Russia, Great Britain and the United States, extending also to motorcycle tyre production.

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