From the beginning Dunlop set out to deliver a better driving experience for drivers and a better riding experience for riders.

In 1888 Dunlop's founder, John Boyd Dunlop was watching his young son ride his tricycle on solid rubber tyres over cobbled ground. He noticed that his little boy was not going very fast and did not seem very comfortable. In trying to provide his son with a smoother ride and better handling Dunlop took the tricycle, wrapped its wheels in thin rubber sheets, glued them together and inflated them with a football pump. From this he developed the first air cushioning system in history, and laid the foundation for the first air filled tyre- known as the pneumatic tyre.

Less than a year later, Dunlop's invention made its racing debut on two wheels. A little known rider beat his stronger rivals, thanks to the advantage given by his pneumatic tyres. This established the role of motorsports as a feature of the Dunlop heritage.

In 1890 Dunlop opened its first tyre plant in Dublin, Ireland and three years later its first tyre factory in mainland Europe. In twenty years, Dunlop had made the solid tyre obsolete and grown from pioneer to the first global multinational company, manufacturing and selling worldwide.

The strength of the Dunlop brand and company manifests itself in eight main areas, which define Dunlop's ongoing quest to provide drivers and riders with better driving and riding experiences on the road.

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