Bridgestone Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of tyres. Bridgestone makes and markets tyres under the names; Dayton, Seiberling, Road King, Gillette, and Peerless, as well as private and house brand tyres. Bridgestone also makes the raw materials that go into tyres and maintains an extensive network of company-owned tyre retail outlets worldwide including North America and Japan.

Bridgestone was founded by Shojiro Ishibashi. Prior to founding the company he and his brother produced tabi Japanese workers' footwear; Ishibashi and made a fortune by adding rubber soles. Deciding that his future lay in the rubber business, he began intensive research and development in 1929, founding Bridgestone Ltd.

In 1942 the company changed its name to the Nippon Tire Co., Ltd., but was renamed Bridgestone Tire Co., Ltd. in 1951 and became Bridgestone Corporation in 1984.

Before World War II, Bridgestone tires supplied the growing Japanese automobile industry. Growth after the war was rapid, with the establishment of four new production facilities in the 1960s and six during the 1970s. Bridgestone's first overseas factory was established in Singapore in 1963, with further factories built in Thailand and Indonesia. In 1990 Bridgestone set up a new subsidiary in London, Bridgestone Industrial, to handle industrial rubber products throughout Europe.

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