Frequently Asked Questions

Helping you avoid the pitfalls of buying tyres online.

1. How much does it cost?

Our quote service is completely free to use. The only thing we need you to do is register a few details with us. We promise it takes just a few moments and allows us to get hold of you when we have your quotes and also find the tyre fitters that are nearest to your address.

2. Does the quoted price include fitting and VAT?

Absolutely. All the tyre quotes we send to you are fully inclusive of the tyres, the fitting, any valves, wheel balancing and environmental disposal of your old tyres. If the fitting centre is VAT registered, which most are, then VAT is automatically included in your quoted price. This means there are no nasty surprises when it comes to paying.

If you are ordering on behalf of a business, please ask the tyre fitter to supply you with a VAT receipt when you go for your fitting.

3. What tyre size should I get?

The best way to determine the correct size is to look at your current tyres. The precise size will be imprinted on the side of the tyre. If you need any assistance on reading your tyre sizes please visit our Tyre Expert.

4. I think I've got the wrong tyre size, what do I do?

First double check what tyres are on your vehicle currently. If you have requested quotes for the wrong size, then don't worry - just do another search for the correct size. If you have organised a fitting of the wrong sized tyres, then please contact the tyre fitting centre immediately. Their contact details are on the fitting confirmation email and also available through your online control panel. They may be able to change your size or they may need to order in the new size, but speak to them directly. It is your responsibility to ensure the correct size or fitment is ordered.

5. When I registered, the system didn't recognise my postcode. What do I do?

Please email us with your details and we will be only too happy to register you manually and find your location on your behalf. We will call you back to ensure your details are correct before you continue.

6. I haven't received an email with my 'Verification Code', what do I do?

It could be that you entered your email address wrong or the email has been held up somewhere. There are a few options to try. Firstly, are you receiving other emails okay?

If you are and there's no problem with your email account or internet service provider, then please check your 'Spam', 'Deleted Items' or 'Junk Mail' folders to check that the email has not been filed in any of these. If you do find the email please add our address to your 'safe senders' list if you have one. If you are still struggling please email us and we will call you back with a verification code.

7. Can I get a quote for motorcycle tyres?

We are in the process of pulling together a complete database of all motorcycle tyres and expect this to be live by April 2010. So all motorbike fans will be able to benefit from our great service too!

8. Can I cancel my tyre fitting?

If you would like to cancel a fitting, please follow the instructions on your fitting confirmation email and contact the tyre fitting centre directly.

9. I want to change the fitting time what do I do?

If you would like to change a fitting, please follow the instructions on your fitting confirmation email and contact the tyre fitting centre directly.

10. What is your refund policy?

If, within 7 days of delivery, you are not completely happy with your purchase, simply contact the tyre fitting centre directly and they will deal with your refund or exchange. Please confirm with the fitting centre what their returns policy is when you have the tyres fitted in the first place. All fitting centres will be slightly different. Please inform us if you have any particular problems with refunds or exchanges as we would be keen to inform future customers where necessary.

11. I have an emergency and really can't wait, can I get my tyres fitted today?

Yes! Many fitting centres will have large stocks of commonly used tyres, so if you have a popular vehicle there's a good chance you could have tyres fitted today. Please show that you need the tyres as a matter of urgency in the 'instructions' box of the quote form. You can also email us and we will do our best to contact the best fitting centres in your area for emergency replacements - including a list of 'mobile' tyre fitters who may be able to come to your current location and save you a journey.

12. What if I need additional work e.g. tracking, when my tyres are fitted?

No problem. You can request this in the 'Instructions' box of your tyre fitting request. In some cases we may have negotiated special rates for TyreQuote customers and we will email these offers along with your quotes and fitting confirmations.

13. Do you retain any of my personal information?

Some personal information is retained from your registration. This information is stored only to provide you with a personal and customised service for the purpose of delivering new tyres. No personal information is shared or sold to any third parties unless specifically requested by you, e.g. when you wish to arrange a fitting. No personal information is offered to anyone at the point of requesting tyre quotes - just the sizes, brands and models of the tyres you want. For further information, please see our Privacy Policy.

14. What does your star rating mean?

The TyreQuote or TQ quality rating is based on our experience and customer feedback. We use a variety of criteria including wet and dry traction; tyre wear versus mileage; steering responsiveness and cornering stability; ride comfort and smoothness. If you believe our tyre ratings are incorrect at all, we would be delighted to hear from you. Have you had a bad experience with a particular tyre or a very good one? Please email us with the brand and model or tyre and the vehicle on which you had them fitted.

15. What does your price rating mean?

The TyreQuote or TQ price rating is based on our experience of the average quotes we have previously seen for that tyre. On the quote screen, you will see a 'key' or 'guide' to what price band each of the price ratings mean. Generally you will find that the 'Premium' brand tyres or the tyres with a very high quality rating will have higher price ratings.

16. Is your staff fully trained?

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, so our customer service team will do everything they can to help. Just email us and you'll see. In terms of tyre fitting - all tyre fitting centres should use fully trained tyre technicians and we are careful to ensure all our member fitting centres uphold the highest standards of training. We also seek customer feedback on every TyreQuote fitting to ensure that a good service level has been provided. If poor feedback is provided, we will seek an explanation and work with the fitting centre to ensure that training standards are the highest possible.

17. The tyre brand I want isn't listed. What should I do?

We are always updating our tyre database to include all the available brands and models of tyres including any new tyres being launched by the main manufacturers. If there's a particular brand or model of tyre missing or if there are no results when you search for your particular size or fitment please email us and we will do all we can to source them for you. There are some special sizes and special tyres for certain makes and models of vehicle. These may only be available through specific fitting centres for which you may have to travel slightly further, but most fitting centres will be able to order your tyres from their suppliers, you may just need to wait an extra day or two for them to be shipped from the supplier, so please be patient.

18. Are my tyres fully guaranteed?

Yes, all tyres are fully guaranteed against manufacturing defects for the legal lifetime of the tyre (i.e. down to 1.6mm) regardless of mileage. Additionally, the fitting centre will also guarantee the fitting of your tyres, so you can have complete peace of mind. Please enquire at your chosen fitting centre for the precise details of their guarantee.

19. How do I contact you?

Working on this website keeps us pretty busy in the office so we are always delighted to hear from you! The best way is to email us and then we can prioritise all communications and deal with you even out of normal business hours. Alternatively, call our customer services team on 0800 019 3226.

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