At Continental is synonymous with football for some reason. Probably down to their long running sponsorship of the Champions League and various world cups. They are certainly a big concern across Europe - especially for commercial vehicles and across the world as a leading tyre manufacturer.

Founded in 1871, Continental-Caoutchouc and Gutta-Percha Compagnie was a joint company based in Hanover, Germany. Manufacturing at their main factory in Vahrenwalder Street included soft rubber products, rubberised fabrics, solid tyres for carriages and bicycles.

Continental celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1921 being the first German company to bring 'cord tyres' onto the market. The stiff linen square-woven fabric was replaced by a more pliable cord fibre fabric. The first giant pneumatic tyres were made by Continental and they replaced the solid tyres used until that time on commercial vehicles.

In 2002 Continental and Bridgestone joined forces in the development of run-flat tyres. The aim was to create a worldwide standard for run-flat systems for car manufactures like BMW and now run-flat systems are becoming more and more common.

In 2006 Continental acquired the automotive electronics arm of Motorola, Inc. The new Automotive Systems division now deals with exciting developments in electronic controls, sensors, interior electronics and telematics.


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