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IN TREAD: Top 5 Recommended Winter Tyres

Lately we’ve been inundated with questions from consumers about the best winter tyres on the market. We’ve put together a short profile that you can read over lunch giving you the lowdown and our top 5 winter tyres this year.

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BLOGFLASH: Great value tyres in Leeds and Sheffield

Area in focus: Leeds and Sheffield

Leeds and Sheffield are located in the heart of England, and if you are looking for tyres in these areas wanting both a great price and professional service…Look no further.

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IN TREAD: EU Tyre Labeling: Is it already having an impact?

In case you have had your head in the sand over the last few months you will be well aware the EU tyre labeling came into full effect earlier this month on November the 1st. It marks the start of a significant change in the industry and the way in which consumers purchase replacement tyres. Officials hope that it will allow consumers to be more informed when buying a product the majority of the population know little about, but is essential. It is also hoped that the introduction of tyre labeling will encourage consumers to be more aware about how green their new tyres are. Almost two weeks in to the introductions, we investigate if EU tyre labeling is having the desired effect across the industry, or if it is an unnecessary introduction which people are not taking note of.

Bridgstones’ take on EU tyre labeling.

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Local councils crack down on part-worn sales

With over four-million part worn tyres exchanging hands each year, the crisis of illegal part worn tyres is starting to come under the spotlight, and councils across Britain are warning motorists to watch out. But just how bad is this epidemic and can motorists be blamed for wanting to save money on replacement tyres?

New or Used Tyres? How much of a difference is there.

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IN TREAD: Winter Tyre Alternatives

There are some great winter tyres on the market this year, and if you live in rural areas they seem like a worthwhile investment, but with some prices a little steep for some people, are there any viable alternatives to winter tyres?

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Carrying A Spare?

How prepared are you this winter if things go wrong? Many of us protect our houses with insurance, have boiler breakdown cover and ensure that we wrap up warm against the cold chills that winter can bring. But what happens if you forget to check your tyre pressure this winter, and then you end up with a flat tyre at the roadside? Are you carrying a spare?

Carrying a spare tyre this winter?

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IN TREAD: Is Tyre Pressure Really That Important?

Winter driving conditions are never ideal, and with the gritters out in full force already and snowfall in October, we could be set for one very cold winter. There is one thing this winter though that could impact your safety on the roads and potentially risk the lives of not only you but also others.

IN TREAD: Continental Winter Tyres

Continental are really picking up the pace this year, especially with their latest TV advertising campaign, consumers are becoming not only aware of Continental but also perhaps the need to change to winter tyres. Last year during December, Which? awarded Continental Winter tyres Best Buy status, so is there anything in particular that makes these tyres so special from all the other competitors on the market?

Which Best Buy 2011

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IN TREAD: Dunlop Sport Maxx

The Dunlop Sport Maxx offers motorists a ‘dynamic driving experience’  and has proven especially successful within the German market. So what does this tyre offer you that’s different to other  similar tyres on the market?


Dunlop Sport Maxx


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